• Compiled by Wilson Roberts

Bobcats Speak Out: Are you going to continue to support Nike after the Colin Kaepernick ad?

“I think we should toss and boycott all Nike products! Especially the Vaporfly Elite marathon shoes and Tempo II running shorts! The Vaporfly women’s size 11 ones are the worst of the bunch. Just drop them all o at my o ice, and I’ll make sure they’re properly disposed of!”

– Joanna Schwartz professor of marketing

“I don’t like how Nike’s ad used individuals in it as a selling point. I wish they kept out of the controversy.” – Griffin Brantley

junior history major

“I think it is admirable that Nike is using the platform that they have to spread awareness for police brutality. I have no issue with Colin Kaepernick or his pro- testing, and I love Nike for help spread- ing awareness for social injustices.”

– Rachel Kandierski senior public health major

“I think that all of this controversy is coming down to the fact that people don’t realize kneeling is a sign of respect, so I will continue to support Nike.”

– Abbie Wheeler junior criminal justice major

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