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Terrell construction fence extended rest of semester

A temporary sidewalk now reroutes foot traffic around Terrell Hall as renovations begin to connect the building to city utilities located under the front campus lawn.

“There are new water and sewer lines being installed, and we are having to come out of the front of the building in order to tie into the utilities,” said Phil Best, project manager with Garbett Construction, the company responsible for the Terrell renovations.

Garbett is taking precautions with the water system as line breaks and boil advisories have been common in Milledgeville in the past. “There is always a risk when we start tapping the water mains,” said Rick Ruark, the GC project manager. “But we feel pretty confident with this one.”

The new sidewalk around the construction site is projected to be removed sometime in December, once the building has been connected to appropriate utilities and the foundation is waterproofed.

Residents of Bell Hall are most immediately affected since their normal campus routes are interrupted, and the noise level they experience during the day has increased.

“I know they built the new sidewalk, but I go through [Arts and Sciences] if I want to get to the library, instead of walking all the way around,” said junior Emily Green, a history major and CA in Bell Hall.

Roark has requested, on the behalf of Bell Hall residents, that Garbett wait until later in the morning or afternoon for the loudest activities.

“When they were breaking up cement, the whole classroom in Bell was shaking,” Green said.

“It isn’t that there won’t be any noise,” Roark said. “It just won’t be jackhammers and such early in the morning.”

Upon completion of this phase, Garbutt is responsible for putting down sod in the path of the removed sidewalk to return the north corner of front campus to usable open space for students to enjoy.

“The sidewalk is a way to continue the work and not interfere with [students’] daily routine as much as we can and keep them safe,” Best said.

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