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GC Ultimate Frisbee continues winning tradition

The GC men’s club Ultimate Frisbee team are without a doubt one of the most successful club teams on campus. Since their national championship win in 2016, the team has competed at nationals each season and prepares to go even farther.

“We are a competitive team,” said senior Alex Stewart. “We make it to nationals every year and make it through till the last day.”

Ten seniors return this year hungrier than ever for the national championship title.

“We had the pressure to keep winning,” Stewart said. “Once you have the belt, you wanna keep the belt.”

The team practices three times a week for two hours and participates in less serious tournaments in the fall, which help prepare them for the more competitive tournaments that take place in the spring.

“The best part of Ultimate Frisbee is getting to see the guys three times a week,” Stewart said.

Besides practice, the team makes an effort to get together and bond as a team.

“We will either go to a teammate’s house or meet up and go to the MAX as a team,” Powers said. “Either way, it is a good way to bond as a team.”

Ever February the team hosts their annual Flick’n Nuts tournament. The tournament attracts many GC Ultimate Frisbee alumni.

“Anyone who used to play on the team comes back,” Stewart said. “Players who are 30 years old or who have just graduated come back.” “They will come stay with us, and we will usually go downtown. Even though I am a senior, I know I can always come back.”

Stewart also said that because of the championship win in 2016, the team has a higher motivation to win again.

“That win pushes people at practice,” Stewart said. “Instead of jogging, people will run, and it will get more competitive,”

To get ready for their upcoming season, the team practices by running drills and ending the evening with a scrimmage to practice their plays.

The national championship game can be held anywhere in the U.S., with the previous one in 2016 being held in Salem, North Carolina.

“I was kinda bummed it was in North Carolina because it can be anywhere like Chicago, but as a team, we still had so much fun,” Stewart said.

To promote their trips and raise money for airfare and hotel expenses, the team sells discs. This also gives them the opportunity to recruit. The team gains new members when they table throughout the year, especially at events such as orientation and Spring Fest.

“When I started, I only knew one person, so it was a really good way to meet new people,” Powers said.

The most common way they get new players is through word of mouth.

“We will either send out emails to future players or talk to guys in our classes,” Stewart said.

The team’s first tournament is Oct.13 and 14 at Georgia Gwinnett College.

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