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Intramurals boast highest participation rates

GC rec sports has the highest student participation of any organization on campus with around 230 total teams and eight sports offered each season.

Of the 5,900 undergraduate students at GC, around 2,500 play rec sports, with the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life taking runner-up with around 1,400 students.

Rumors have circulated that GC rec sports has the highest student participation in the nation, but that data is unproven as the last study was conducted some years ago.

GC rec sports staff boasts that now graduated Nathan Vickroy propelled GC to nationwide recognition. Vickroy was awarded the most historical wins ever in the U.S., which is tracked through IMLeagues, a website that 95 percent of schools use according to rec staff.

Vickroy also successfully became the club Ultimate Frisbee Player of the Year in 2017.

Drew Bruton, the associate director of wellness and rec sports, said that when he came to GC in 2011, people in Georgia knew of GC, but now in 2018, everybody in the nation knows about GC because of rec sports success. He mentioned staff as well as players who pushed GC to recognition.

“We’ve had a referee qualify for the national flag football tournament the last seven years,” Bruton said. “That’s a pretty big accomplishment. They take the Top 50 student referees across the country, and they go and work the flag football tournament. In the past four years, we’ve had a flag football team go to the national flag [football] tournament, so those staff and teams doing well at the tournaments have helped GC get their name out to the region and country for our intramural program.”

A grand total of $172,000 is allocated each year to rec sports, with $88,000 going to intramurals and $84,000 going to club teams. Of the intramural funds, Bruton said that $75,000 is spent in student labor, while the other $13,000 covers equipment and travel.

Of the 230 total teams in rec sports, 110 are offered for free to students.

“We give out 110 free teams per phase, so throughout the year, we’ll give out 440 free teams,” Bruton said. “Every team after the free teams is $50 except for cornhole, Spikeball and tennis, and those are $20.”

Bruton added that if a team is not in the first 110, they will pay the fee so that the rec sports staff will be able to break even.

Senior Caroline Tarpley, a marketing major, was given the Bobcat Award for Female Athlete of the Year in the 2017-18 school year. In addition, Tarpley was awarded an intramural legend status at the end of the school year.

Being an intramural legend means that you have one of the highest number of wins, your win percentage is high, your sportsmanship is commendable as well as the feedback received from other intramural legends. Feedback comes from other intramural legends through recommendation and is based on these factors. A factor of being an intramural legend is also a student’s year in school, said Tarpley.

According to Bruton, a legend is one of the top players of their generation. The intramural legends currently at GC are Sydney Weissman, Caroline Tarpley and Mitch Risley. Bruton added that Vickroy and Risley are the top players in the program’s history.

Tarpley also said that to be an intramural legend, a student has to have time to play intramurals frequently.

“Luckily this semester I am taking a lot of electives, but you can study during the day and do intramurals at night and study on the weekends,” she said.

Tarpley, who plays six sports, said that she didn’t play many of these sports in high school but actually picked them up when she came to college because it was a great way to get involved with those around her.

Sports currently offered fall under four, six-week phases, with two in the fall and two in the spring. In the current phase, there are 230 teams, with three different leagues: men’s, women’s and coed. Sports offered range from cornhole to dodgeball.

Registration for the second fall phase opened Sept. 19, 2018, and the phase begins Oct. 21, 2018.

In the spring, a new sport will be added to GC rec sports: archery tag. This game is similar to paintball, but instead of paintballs, players shoot arrows with plastic foam tips on the end at other players to tag them out.

The game will be put out on Tuesday, Sept. 25 for the Tailgate Tour, and a tournament for the game will come in Spring 2019.

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