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Bollywood comes to Milly

The owner of Metropolis has partnered with one of his former employees to purchase Gringos, rebranding it as Bollywood Tacos, an Indian-Mexican fusion restaurant which reopened in downtown Milledgeville on Sept. 6.

“Jason, the old owner, was selling Gringos, so we, Deepak and myself, decided to buy this place,” said Sky Hinton, co-owner of Bollywood Tacos and former Metropolis employee. “We wanted to keep the general feel of it.”

The owner of Gringos was also the owner of Aubri Lanes at the same time. Aubri Lane’s, now called Aubri Lane’s at The Club, is located in the Lake Sinclair Country Club.

“The original owner wanted to focus on Aubri Lane’s, which moved location from downtown Milledgeville,” said Chay Cliatt, the bar manager of Bollywood Tacos.

Bollywood Tacos now includes Bollywood-style food, thousands of dollars in renovations, new aesthetics and new equipment.

“[We added] not cheap new murals and new chairs,” Hinton said. “It was in the thousands for sure. Good many thousands. We redid the AC as well, which was not cheap at all, $2,000 in itself. It got pretty costly. We are happy with how it turned out.”

The owners also had to update the kitchen.

“We improved the kitchen equipment, Hilton said. “We got a brand new fryer freezers and coolers. The aesthetic is obviously different.”

Erin Dickman, a liberal studies major at GC, runs the Facebook account for Bollywood Tacos.

“Maintenance is definitely so much more high quality now,” Dickman said. “There is someone constantly there looking over the restaurant. With Gringos, it was being treated poorly in a way.”

A health inspector comes in often to make sure the restaurant maintains a score of 99.

Bollywood Tacos decided to move away from the type of service Gringos had implemented, changed it to a restaurant where people can sit down, be served and have a meal with friends and family.

“They [Gringos] were more self-serving,” Kumar said. “We are a full dining restaurant, full sitdown.” Kumar envisioned the idea for a Indian-Mexican fusion restaurant.

“Deepak had the idea for Bollywood Tacos specifically,” Hinton said. “He falls asleep to a Bollywood movie every night; he’s from India. He had this idea for a fusion-taco-place. We were trying to brainstorm names; he had an epiphany overnight, Bollywood Tacos. He flew that by me, and I liked it.”

Bollywood Tacos offers a unique experience.

“I could not find another Mexican-Indian fusion restaurant in the southeast,” Dickman said. “We are the first one and only one in Georgia.”

Bollywood Tacos is part of a national trend of fusion restaurants. The restaurant promises authentic foods and spices.

Kumar knows what spices work best in the fusion dishes.

“[Kumar] goes to Atlanta every two weeks, most of the time weekly,” Hinton said. “He gets different Indian spices, Asian spices and now Mexican spices for this place specifically.”

The menu features items such as the “Beef Bar-Bacoa Torta” and “Lamb Kafta Taco.” On the brunch menu, you’ll find Rancheros, a Breakfast Burrito and a Mexican Breakfast Skillet.

“The food tasted very fresh and delicious, and the atmosphere is very calm,” said Abigail Jackson, a Bollywood Tacos customer. “I love how they serve you and workers are very attentive.”

Bollywood Tacos is open Monday-Friday, 11:00 a.m.-10:00 p.m., Saturday, 10:00 a.m.-10:00 p.m., and Sunday, 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

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