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Students get a GLIMPSE of GC

The GC Glimpse program plans to allot up to three weekends this school year to allow potential students the opportunity to experience campus life first hand, in hopes of improving the university’s diversity rates.

Glimpse is a recruitment program focused on diversifying the campus by providing a hands-on college experience to prospective high school seniors from various ethnic and economic backgrounds within the state.

“So far, it’s had a high yield,” said associate director of enrollment management Javier Francisco. “Around 70 percent of the students who partake in the program end up attending GC.”

The university offers two program options: Glimpse Day and Glimpse Diversity Weekend.

“The programs are open to any student,” Francisco said. “Though the people we target and send messages to are typically from underrepresented communities.”

For the day program, GC partners with one or two high schools across the state whose student alumni representation at GC is not particularly high.

During the experience, potential students are given an in-depth, extensive tour of the campus and residence halls. This includes attending a student panel, learning about financial aid and the application process and being exposed to the many associations present on campus.

“This really gives the students an opportunity to see the college differently and helps them figure out if it’s right for them,” Francisco said. “Some of these students have never heard of GC, and many haven’t even traveled out of the cities they’re from.”

Glimpse Diversity Weekend, which will be held in November and April this school year, permits prospective students to participate in an overnight experience at GC. This allows for even more campus engagement and activities.

For a small fee of $10, GC will provide all vital necessities. Students are provided meals and an off-campus hotel room. Bus transportation is even available to certain areas of the state such as Atlanta, Macon, Savannah and their surrounding areas.

Potential students are provided the chance to meet with current student leaders and faculty and discover why GC is devoted to promoting a diverse campus.

“Diversity is always something we’re working on as a student body,” Francisco said. “Being able to engage with different kinds of people makes for a beneficial college experience.”

Junior Taylor Blackwell, a mass communication major, said the Glimpse program was the sole reason she chose to attend GC.

“I had never heard of GC until I discovered this program,” Blackwell said. “I had planned on attending the University of Georgia, but fell in love with GC. I enjoyed getting to know the school and even found my future suitemates.”

The establishment of the program has allowed students, who may never have considered attending GC, to discover its opportunities and welcoming atmosphere.

Appreciating the first-hand feel of the program, junior Ciera Lindsey, a marketing major, knew that GC was right for her after attending Glimpse.

“I saw students and faculty for who they were,” Lindsey said. “A lot of times in the admissions process, you can feel like you’re getting the run around, but getting the chance to hang out with students gave me a feel for what the school culture [was] truly like.”

The first Glimpse Diversity Weekend of the year will take place Nov. 4-5.

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