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This week in GC History: Oct. 5

The waning heat and crisp falling leaves often have students ready to get out of town over fall break for a quick weekend adventure.

However, in the fall of 1989, many female students had other adventures in mind.

A Chippendale’s erotic dancer, Tor Kristiansen made an appearance at GC 29 years ago this week, promoting the 1990 calendar filled with images of young men with ripped abs sporting Chippendale’s trademark shirt cuffs, collar and bowtie.

Women waited in line at the bookstore for a photo opportunity with the performer, and a few asked him to sign their calendar before they rushed off to pin it up in their apartments and dorms.

Kristiansen, 22, of Los Angeles was completing his first year with the burlesque troupe, and would be a part of the act until 1994.

The 1990 calendar, entitled simply “HOT” cost around $25 in 1989, but now runs between $30 and $70 on eBay for a ‘gently used’ original.

Producing an annual calendar began in the late 80’s as a way for Chippendale’s to make money from merchandise and encourage women to attend multiple shows after viewing the dancers month after month.

In 1990, attending a Chippendale’s show would set a woman back $25. Now, shows in Vegas can go for $25 up to $75, depending on the seat or entertainment package purchased.

Chippendale’s is a troupe of male adult dancers geared towards entertaining straight women founded in 1979 after the rise of male-centric entertainment companies like Playboy.

The tour to a college campus was part of a Chippendale’s marketing initiative to rebrand themselves as the classiest option in women’s adult entertainment.

Doing a meet and greet with college women would show the troupe was ready to mingle with and entertain the next generation of widely-educated women, rather than just serving intoxicated bachelorette parties on the Vegas strip.

Around this time, the acts became more akin to full-scale productions, with carefully choreographed dance numbers.

Students who were here for this event would now be in their early 50’s, but many might count the encounter with an erotic dancer as part of a ‘wild college story’ they laugh about at an alumni class reunion.

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