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Twin telepathy producing success on pitch

Freshmen Alyssa and Alexis Bergamini are valuable additions to GC’s women’s soccer team, bringing what coach Hope Clark has observed as remarkable speed and strength to the team.

Alyssa and Alexis Bergamini are twin sisters from Connecticut. They first heard of GC from their mother’s friend, who grew up in Macon.

In their junior year of high school, they played the Disney Girl Showcase tournament in Florida. Before going, they read that GC was going to be present and reached out to the women’s soccer coach, Hope Clark, inviting her to watch them play.

Alexis Bergamini said they chose to attend GC because they like the weather, the campus and the coaches.

“Our main thing was, like, finding a school down south and getting away from Connecticut and the New England weather and stuff like that,” Alyssa Bergamini said.

She mentioned that they have a brother living in Florida.

“We kinda came down here to follow him and get away from everything,” Alyssa Bergamini said.

Georgia is different than Connecticut in many ways. The most obvious difference is the humid weather, but the Bergamini sisters have also observed a difference in the people.

“I feel like a lot of the people are just like nicer down here,” Alyssa Bergamini said.

Alexis Bergamini added that people seem friendlier and more conversational in the south.

Alexis Bergamini said that, obviously, the accents are a lot different, too.

Between training, games and classes, the sisters don’t get much downtime.

“We hang out with some girls on the team and stuff, just like, try to relax if we’re not studying or doing soccer,” Alyssa Bergamini said.

Sometimes they also indulge in Netflix. Alexis Bergamini said her favorite show is “Friends,” while Alyssa Bergamini said she watches pretty much everything, from “Bob’s Burgers” to “Criminal Minds.”

The two have played soccer since they were seven or eight. Other than soccer, they did track and field in high school, and competed in gymnastics from the time they were five all the way through high school.

“Because we had so much energy, our mom just put us in [gymnastics],” Alyssa Bergamini said.

Teachers noted their gymnastic talent, and they were soon competing. However, as they grew older, they steered towards soccer.

Alyssa Bergamini said her biggest challenge at GC has been adjusting to playing in the heat, and she still isn’t fully used to it.

Alexis Bergamini said hers was getting used to doing homework again, and that it’s a challenge at the start of every new school year.

The twins haven’t been home since the start of the semester. Their first time back in Connecticut since August will be when they fly home for Thanksgiving.

Coach Clark said the girls are natural athletes.

“They were elite gymnasts [and] track athletes as well as soccer players, so they bring a lot of athleticism to the field for us, certainly,” Clark said. “Their overall strength is very remarkable for college freshmen.”

“They’re both very aggressive players but very different types of players as well,” Clark said.

Clark said that both girls play as forwards on the team, with Alexis as a wide forward and Alyssa in the target.

Over the next four years, Clark has high hopes for the girls.

“They’re gonna have a tremendous career, really,” Clark said. “It’s pretty cool with those two, how they completely are in sync with each other, and they know how to find each other without communication or even really seeing each other.”

Clark has been very impressed with their performances, saying that they work very hard to live up to expectations.

“They’re both tremendous players,” Clark said. “And I think they’re gonna have a very bright future in our program.”

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