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Take me home, Milly roads: How to get home safely

Though students mights be focused on enjoying award-winning food and listening to rising music stars at Deep Roots, students should know their options on how to get home.

This year, TapRide and SNAP will be available to ensure GC students arrive home safely.

These services will be providing rides to students across campus and around Milledgeville from predetermined pick-up and drop-off points.

While security is present to keep students from bodily harm and GC’s police department is readily available, safe transportation is an important factor students need to consider.

TapRide costs $5 per ride and takes students almost anywhere in the Milledgeville area, spanning as far as Kroger, Arcadia and West Campus.

SNAP rides are free of charge, but the range is limited to the GC campus and adjacent lots and does not extend to The Village or West Campus.

Last year at Deep Roots, TapRide was just getting started, and the program had a notable issue with punctuality. Some students complained of extensive wait times.

TapRide program director John Jackson, of GC’s department of Parking and Transportation, said this problem has been resolved.

“We were understaffed in the beginning, and so we’re working with a full staff now and our average wait time is somewhere around 11 to 12 minutes.” Jackson said.

During Deep Roots, wait times are expected to be 15 to 20 minutes, but the app will give users an estimated time of arrival, Jackson said.

Last year there was a festival-specific issue where TapRide had no set pick-up and drop-off location, but that has been resolved.

“To request a ride to Deep Roots, all you have to do is type in ‘Deep Roots’ to the app, and it’ll pop up [with] the pick-up and drop-off location,” Jackson said.

The location, he added, is the corner between Jimmy John’s and Barberitos’s at Hancock and Wilkinson.

Julia Simpkins, a biology major who attended Deep Roots last year, used TapRide to get to the festival and had no trouble with the lack of a pick-up and drop-off location.

“It wasn’t too difficult because we were able to just kind of get dropped off nearby and walk over,” Simpkins said.

Students still cannot call TapRide for a friend though.

“The actual ride requester has to be in the vehicle during the trip,” Jackson said.

Lieutenant Gary Purvis of GC Public Safety, a supervisor of SNAP, said SNAP will operate during its normal Saturday hours during Deep Roots, from 11 p.m. to 3 a.m.

SNAP is accessible from the GC Mobile App for smartphones. Through the app, students can request a ride to or from the Old Courthouse, which is the pick-up and drop-off location closest to the festival.

“It’s gonna be busy,” Purvis said. “We’re anticipating about the same volume of calls [as last year], which is pretty much a constant flow.”

Even so, Purvis said students should not hesitate to call SNAP if they need it.

“If you feel unsafe, make sure you wait, and we’ll get SNAP eventually to you,” Purvis said. “If something seems out of the ordinary, don’t hesitate to call our police department.”

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