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To the Editor:

I was shocked to find myself quoted in the Sept. 27 issue of the Colonnade in the article titled, “Diverse Roots in Greek Life Decaying at GC.”

Sydney Saxon and Natalie Sadler told me this article was for a class project. They did not identify themselves as reporters for the Colonnade.

I sent Sadler responses to her email questions and heard no more about it. A partial quote of mine appeared in the article and I feel it misled readers about my full thoughts regarding diversity at GCSU.

Here is my full quote; “Going through formal recruitment was a bit uncomfortable. I would look around the room and everyone seemed cookie cutter and I was not the same. This year as president I had a totally different experience on the other side of recruitment. I actually had one woman who joined Alpha Gam tell me one of the reasons she went Alpha Gam is because she saw a woman of color in the highest leadership position.”

I think the article also misled readers about the feelings of Stacey Milner and Tiffany Bayne and I think they are owed an apology.

This is a vitally important topic and Georgia College is making great strides to increase diversity.

We live in a time when the media are losing public trust. Reporters should be fully transparent and responsive to the people they interview. I felt tricked.

-Estefi Herrera



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