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The last ‘Rocky’

For now, it looks like Bobcats won’t be doing the “Time-Warp” again.

GC will perform “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” for the last time on Oct. 26 in Russell Auditorium. Due to the copyright fees increasing significantly, “Rocky” will have to go, but some students are holding on to the hope that it will return someday.

Since 2006, GC has shown “Rocky” every year the weekend before Halloween. The night consists of crazy costumes, lots of glitter and some very catchy songs. But perhaps what makes this event so special is the “shadowcast,” which acts out the movie playing on the screen behind them.

The show is entirely student-run, and the cast has dubbed themselves the “Clarke Street Glitter Lips.” Some cast members are returning veterans of the production, but others are first-time Rocky performers who look forward to being in this timeless show.

“This cast has worked so hard to make every second of the show perfect and weird and hilarious, and it’s just awesome to watch,” said Christina Cortes, an Emcee or “Master of Ceremonies” for the show. “I’m most excited to even be a part of it.”

To the cast, “Rocky Horror” is much more than just a performance.

“‘Rocky’ really focuses on friendship and having a team, and that really shows with [a] student-led and student-run production of ‘Rocky’ because we all have to work together,” said stage manager Callie Langston.

Langston said she wants the audience to leave the theater feeling shocked. This year’s show features a surprising casting that makes the show even more unique.

“This show is going to be bigger and badder than every other year,” Langston said. “Our goal is to make it a ‘Rocky’ to remember—big hair, big makeup, big movements.”

The cast is working hard to secure a legacy for, possibly, the last ever GC “Rocky.”

“We have no choice but to leave it all on the stage,” said Hannah Kate Mulanax, who plays a Transylvanian dancer. “We are doing everything larger-than-life, taking risks and performing this show so nobody forgets about the ‘Clarke Street Glitter Lips.’”

For many students, it will be strange not looking forward to Rocky every fall. But everyone can rest assured that this year will be an over-the-top, one-of-a-kind a night to remember.

“With any luck, there will be a reemergence, but I can’t say for certain,” Langston said.

Tickets cost $7 and can be purchased online or with cash at the door.

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