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‘Unequivical’ capstone display

After a long year of hard work and dedication, eight GC studio art majors collaborated to create their senior capstone exhibition “Unequivocal,” which is currently on display in the Leland Gallery until Dec. 7.

“It’s one of the most emotionally and intellectually powerful exhibitions we have hosted,” said Bill Fisher, chair of the art department. “The level of honesty and engagement with concepts ranging from painful traumas to cheeky social commentary to sublime aesthetic celebration are handled with deep focus and commitment by our students in this show.”

“Unequivocal” covers an array of topics that give gallery visitors a diverse artistic experience.

“We have everything political, sexual, funny, pretty and cultural,” said Rachel Frank, a senior art major with a concentration in ceramics.

The eight senior artists, Lauren Evelyn, Rachel Frank, Laine Gay, Erin Lutz, Celeste Rodriguez, Jordan Tollison, Callie Waters and Ashley White, worked diligently to install the “Unequivocal” exhibition in the Leland Gallery.

Each students’ installation is very different, but a common theme,“unequivocal,”united their works into a cohesive exhibition.

“Unequivocal means absolute, unquestioned,” Frank said. “They’re all very clear ideas.”

Creating a successful exhibition was the result of the students’ year-long capstone projects. According to Fisher, the curriculum for the Fine Art Studio Concentration Capstone is based on the experiences of the art department’s faculty members of GC’s Art department from their academic careers.

“The first semester is dedicated to research and conceptual development of this new work, with experimentation and production encouraged,” Fisher said. “The second semester is focused on high production, continued research, development of an artist statement, installation of the work, documentation, deinstallation and the hosting of a successful reception.”

The studio art capstone seniors are also required to choose at least one mentor from the art department faculty to meet with them on a regular basis, attend a weekly meeting with an instructor and the other capstone students and create a presentation of their work for faculty reviews multiple times throughout the process. The capstone experience also incorporates elements of public speaking, scholarly writing and the opportunity to create content that is original, creative and professional.

At the reception held Nov. 15 for “Unequivocal,” the eight artists stood before their work on display in the overflowed gallery with family, friends, teachers and other members of the GC community in celebration of their accomplishments.

During the reception, the capstone students had a chance to answer questions, talk about their artwork and explain the challenges they faced throughout the whole process.

“It is just as rewarding as it is stressful,” Frank said.

Senior Heidi Schureck, an art and liberal studies double major, attended the reception to support her friends whose capstone projects were on display.

“I think they brought up so many issues that people are scared to talk about, and they created an environment that brings it to light,” Schureck said. “You start reflecting on your own identity, and [the exhibit is] readily available on our campus.”

Fisher encourages students and people from the community to visit the “Unequivocal” exhibition while it is on display.

“I think supporting the creative scholarship of all GC students, in the many forms it manifests, is a worthy pursuit leading to a more aware and better informed society,” Fisher said. “I also believe that any visitor to this specific exhibition has the opportunity for a deeply impactful experience, for quiet self-reflection or to receive an encouraging call to action.”

“Unequivocal” is a free exhibition open to the public. It will stay on display in the Leland Gallery in Ennis Hall until Dec. 7.

“There’s a lot to see, there’s a lot to learn, and there’s a lot visually and intellectually,” Frank said. “It’s a whole experience you don’t want to miss.”

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