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GC’s seeing double

Freshman year of college is sometimes described as one of the loneliest times in your life. However, a select few on campus can choose to bring a little piece of home with them into the new and possibly intimidating world of college: twins.

While some twins may decide to go to separate schools, others, such as identical twins Hailey and Bailey Brannan from McDonough, Georgia, knew that staying together was set in stone.

“We do better together,” Hailey said, explaining why she and her sister decided stick together.

The two sisters had first both chosen to pursue careers in nursing, which then led them to GC in Fall 2017.

Even though their grades have been accidentally switched multiple times in their classes, Bailey says having her sister with her at college is “the biggest blessing.”

Both sisters agreed that having each other for support during their first years helped them avoid the infamous freshman loneliness.

“It’s life changing to have your twin at college,” Hailey said. “You don’t have to worry about being alone, and it makes your relationship so much stronger.”

The Brannan twins roomed together for their year at the Village. Last year, they founded the Alpha Gamma Delta sorority together.

“I got to experience a new kind of sisterhood with my own sister, and that’s de nitely brought us closer together,” Hailey said.

Though the Brannan sisters immediately knew that they wanted to live together through college, Alexis Griffis from Lawrenceville, Georgia needed a little more convincing to go to school with her fraternal twin Ansley.

Originally, Alexis and Ansley had agreed on going to separate schools to avoid becoming overly attached to one another.

“You can go to any school except mine,” Alexis said to Ansley while they were in the process of applying to schools.

However, after a few plans fell through, the two ended up enrolling together at GC Fall 2017. Though they did not room together, Alexis now agrees that having your twin with you truly does improve your outlook during your freshman year.

“I already had a best friend, so I wasn’t lonely,” Griffis said.

On top of having a familiar face in the sea of new people, Alexis also discovered that having her twin here has proven more to be more comical than she had expected. A few people have actually tried to introduce her to her own twin since they aren’t identical.

Alexis offers this advice to anyone starting college with their twin: “You’ll have a best friend, but don’t make them your only friend. And don’t tell people you’re twins. Let them gure it out for themselves."

Despite having already been together for 18 years, both the Brannan and the Gri s sisters agree that going to college together has improved their relationships far more than they expected and that they are grateful for the experience.

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