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Fashion trends in Milly this winter season

Chunky/Color-Block Sweaters

With colder weather on the horizon, the need for sweaters is coming back in a fashion. Chunky sweaters are in right now, popular for layering and for their warm knit design.

The color block trend is also a current fashion statement, including sweaters. This style features three or more different colors with a design to separate the colors. This trend has seen a rise in popularity when paired with very bright colors.

“We’ve been seeing a lot of the color block trend in sweaters, tops and dresses,” said Erin Denton, manager of Chatter boutique. “We’ve also seen a lot of neon colors around the spring and summer.”


This foam clog might have been highly mocked over the last decade, but the shoe has now been resurrected by rapper Post Malone. Crocs are making a comeback largely due to fashion companies and celebrities embracing the comfort and unique design of the shoe.

Malone brought attention to Crocs when he began posting pictures wearing the shoe, which eventually lead to Malone signing a deal with the company to release his own signature Crocs. During London Fashion Week, designer Christopher Kane even displayed models of rhinestone-encrusted Crocs.

Flare Jeans

“One trend I see a lot of is people wearing Flare jeans,” said Katie Waller, a sales associate at French Vill’Edge.

Also referred to as “bell-bottoms,” flare jeans have seen a growing popularity amongst college students. Flare jeans were mainstream fashion in the 1970s but saw a resurgence in popularity during the past decade under the new name “bootcut.” Students on campus can often be seen dressing up their flare jeans with heels or booties.

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