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Emergency aid on call

GC Police is in charge of keeping students safe, and they leverage remote call technology with blue emergency buttons around campus and in the dorms to provide support to students in emergency situations.

Emergency call buttons can be found all over campus, including parking lots, in dorm rooms and elevators and outside academic buildings.

However, public safety’s emergency number is used more than blue buttons around campus.

“We get about 10 calls [to come to the dorms] a month,” said Lieutenant Gary Purvis of the University Police. “Usually it’s a medical emergency.”

In one medical situation, Hannah Kate Mulanax, a sophomore outdoor education major, was studying with friends when she heard a scream and went to find out what was going on.

“Outside we heard a blood-curdling scream. We thought people were just partying, but something didn’t seem right so we went outside. We saw a girl in the middle of the street between Sanford and Adams Hall,” Mulanax said. “I called 911, and I pushed the blue button, so I ended up having 911 in one ear and the blue button in the other ear.”

The emergency blue buttons connect to Public Safety, and the GC Police then send out an ambulance to the scene.

“They were really prompt about getting there,” Mulanax said. “[The emergency call box] was blinking and flashing and caught everyone’s attention.”

GC Public Safety emphasizes how important a quick turnaround time is for getting problems under control, and the blue emergency buttons provide easy access to contact emergency response personnel.

In another situation, senior Julia Simpkins, a biology major, was passing Herty Hall one day on the way to class when she saw a professor trip in front of her.

“At first, I thought it was a nosebleed, but it just kept gushing, and there was puddles of blood,” Simpkins said. “I got a teacher’s attention and tried to call public safety, but at the time no one was answering. I looked up and saw the emergency button and decided that it would probably call [someone] who could help or send help.”

After pressing the button, the police, a firetruck and an ambulance arrived shortly after to treat the teacher. This medical problem was quickly under control because GC Police were able to respond quickly.

Those approximately 10 calls a month, do not take into account calls the ones that are made by mistake, such as when someone accidentally pushes a button without there being an emergency.

There are even some calls that are not by mistake or medical problems.

“There have been snakes in the dorms and raccoons in Russell,” Purvis said.

Regardless if the emergency is dangerous, medical, or animal chaos, GC Police is there to help students.

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