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Honors voice recital

The evening of Friday, Feb. 1, nine GC music students performed in the Spring Voice Honors Recital in Max Noah Recital Hall.

During fall semester finals, a jury consisting of the entire GC music faculty listened to and assessed each of the 42 music students before nominating nine to perform in the spring recital.

GC freshman music therapy major Julia Hufford was one of the nine selected. Due to the selectivity of the recital, Hufford has been rehearsing her pieces inside and outside of the classroom.

“I practice a lot on my own and once a week with my voice teacher,” Hufford said.

As the recital drew near, students like Ansley Montgomery, a junior music major, diligently practiced with their individual voice coaches to perfect their pieces.

“I’ve done extra rehearsals with my pianist to try and finalize technical things,” Montgomery said, “like when to slow down, when to breathe… just to make sure we’re on the same page.”

GC voice faculty member Youngmi Kim has been a part of the program since fall 2017 and the Voice Honors Recital was organized during her second semester at GC. She has now begun her fourth semester and this will be the third recital she has been involved with.

Three of Kim’s students were selected by the jury to perform in the recital, including senior music major Shelbea Fordham, who performed two classical pieces with an air of confidence and vocal strength.

Each of the students selected, sang two or three pieces, depending on length. Although all nine students performed classical music pieces this year, this isn’t always the case.

“Usually, it’s a mix between classical and musical theatre—any song that we work on during our lessons and studies,” Fordham said.

On the night of the recital, excitement was high as the Max Noah Recital Hall quickly filled up with approximately 125 students, faculty members and parents.

One after the other, students Torri Harris, Jackson McAfee, Julia Hufford, Richard Guyton, Ansley Montgomery, John Mitchell, Kaitlyn Eckman, Turner Howell and Shelbea Fordham blew the audience away with their unique talents.

The students’ variations in vocal types made for an interesting succession of classical music, with the performers’ voices ranging from baritone to soprano.

Each performance included a bit of personality and personal signature as the students, accompanied by pianists Kaju Lee and Lev Ryabinin, brought their pieces to life on stage.

At the conclusion of the recital, the audience’s applause spoke loudly for the performers’ talent level.

The general feeling at Max Noah was one of pride and excellence.

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