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Intramurals above US averages

The GC intramural program continues to thrive year after year, with a flag football team finishing 2nd in the country to referees qualifying for national tournaments.

“A lot of people get their competitive sports fill through our intramural program,” said Driver Watson, coordinator of Rec Sports.

The intramural culture at GC is also an opportunity to build relationships. With the Intramural Legends Program, Greek Cup and Rec Fest, participation and interest in intramural sports continues to increase.

GC has a significantly higher participation average than most universities.

“The national average that participate in intramurals is 18 percent at the university level,” said Drew Bruton, associate director of Wellness and Recreation. “[We have] about 42 percent of the student body that participates.”

At most universities, 80 percent of participants in intramural sports are male while only 20% are female. At GC during the Fall 2018 semester, however, the intramural participation was 52 percent male and 48 percent female.

“I think intramurals are great,” said senior Caroline Tarpley, an intramural legend. “It is very organized, and if it wasn’t, people wouldn’t be as involved.”

The staff work late nights to be involved with the tournaments and understand what the students enjoy. The facilities are well taken care of as an attraction for students to get involved.

“We try to do what we can to tailor our game schedules and sports offerings around what the students want,” Bruton said.

The sports offered also cater to more than the average athlete.

“We focus on how can we get the nontraditional athlete to come out and have fun in our programs,” Bruton said.

GC offers a wide variety of sports, such as dodgeball, kickball, corn hole, spike ball, indoor and outdoor soccer and ultimate Frisbee. Students have different opportunities to try different things, find different sports that they like or do ones that they are already good at.

“It is definitely a place where people meet a lot of their best friends,” Watson said.

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