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Student robbed at gunpoint

A Georgia College student was robbed at gunpoint early Friday morning at Thomas and North Jefferson streets while walking home from downtown.

“While I was walking home a man popped out behind like a bunch of bushes and then held a gun to my head and asked for my phone and wallet,” the victim said.

According to the Milledgeville Police Department, the victim was in possession of a black iPhone 7 as well as a wallet with several gift cards, a debit card, and $1-2 in cash. The wallet also contained his homecoming ticket and drivers license.

According to the victim, the robber has not been caught yet, but the MPD are still investigating the situation.

“The police have been very helpful with the situation. They were at my house in under six minutes. They were really fast, really helpful, the detective called me, it was a good experience with the cops,” the victim said.

“Currently we are still investigating. But we are still looking at some video footage in the area and based on the descriptions given by the victim for the direction of travel to see if we can locate him and see where he went to,” said Detective Phillip Vinson who is in charge of investigating the case.

Vinson said that if anybody in the area saw anything happen in the morning of February 8th, to call MPD and report what was observed.

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