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WGUR hosts open mic night at Blackbird

GC’s college radio station WGUR organized an Open Mic Night at the Birdhouse Theatre in Blackbird Coffee on Wednesday evening, Feb. 13.

Inspired by Blackbird’s previous open mic events, GC senior Erin Dickman decided to recreate the idea through WGUR. This is the second Open Mic Night that Dickman has coordinated.

“I thought it was the perfect place for WGUR to find up-and-coming talent,” said Dickman, the public relations and events executive for the radio station.

The bi-annual event is completely open to the public. GC students and local Milledgeville talent alike are welcome to sign up for a 10-minute time slot onstage.

The events usually feature vocal talent and musicians, but the stage is open to any and all variations of artistic performances.

Sophomore Erin Brooks and junior Sami Montigny performed together on guitar and ukulele. Brooks, a former music major, excitedly awaited the event’s beginning.

“I love to sing, and I don’t get many chances to perform anymore, so whenever there’s an event like this, I definitely want to be involved,” Brooks said.

Solo artist Emma Gullo sang and played guitar. A freshman creative writing and theatre double major, Gullo performed two songs. Gullo performs gigs at home regularly and came to GC hoping for more opportunities like Wednesday night’s event.

“This is my first year in college, and I’ve kind of had a rough time fitting in,” Gullo said. “This came up, and I texted my dad, ‘I’m going to do this,’ so I’m here for him and for me to have an opportunity to sing again.”

Proceeds from the event such as donations and revenue from merchandise sold went towards funding Local Noise, a music event that showcases talent from regions around Georgia.

Photo by Alex Bradley | Staff Photographer

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