• Lindsay Stevens | News Editor & Amy Lynn

Gas leak evacuates campus

GC received a call that a gas line was hit near campus on McIntosh Street before noon on Feb. 21, and 10 minutes later students received the first of several notifications asking them to evacuate Bell, Porter and Herty halls.

“Somehow Georgia College overrode my statistics professor’s powerpoint and put a display on the screen,” said freshman Daria Brown, a psychology and criminal justice major.

GC sent out an all-clear at 12:27 p.m., immediately resuming normal class schedule. No injuries were reported.

Students flooded out of A&S, Bell and Herty in confusion, with hundreds of students congregating around the bobcat head and the fountain.

“Most of us didn’t know exactly where the streets were,” Brown said. “I knew because I live [in Bell], but a lot of the other kids were looking it up on a map trying to figure it out.”

The Colonnade will continue to update the story as we get information.

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