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Ceramics class showcases floral vases

The students of Sandra Trujillo’s Ceramics I class showcased their handcrafted bud and bouquet vases at the Marlor house on Thursday, Feb. 14.

Only given the first few weeks of the semester to prepare for the show, the students dug into their creativity to create a maximum of eight pieces. However, since it was some of their first times working with ceramics, not only did some of them crack under the pressure, but so did several of their vases.

“If you ever get the chance, definitely take some type of ceramics class; it’s pretty therapeutic,” said senior Jennifer Lariosa, an exercise science major. “I’m not an art major, but I love to put effort into my work, especially if it’s going to be my name on it.”

All eight of Lariosa’s pieces made it into the show unscathed by the fiery wrath of the kiln. She spent extra time explaining how they were made just right so they wouldn’t break.

“I feel more free when I am in this class than I do in most,” Lariosa said. “It’s like English [versus] math. You can read and interpret things a million different ways in English, but for math there is only one answer. In art, what ever you feel, you make.”

With the exception of a few templates, students were left with little boundaries and lots of creative freedom. The only rule was that the vases would have to be able to hold water.

“It’s interesting because all the pots are different, but we all had the same instructions,” said junior Alix Williams, a graphic design major.

Leah Kaminer, a junior psychology major, said she has developed a passion for ceramics over the past few years, starting in high school. Kaminer plans to continue working with ceramics after this class ends because she feels that it can be meditative.

“You can get lost doing it,” Kaminer said. “You can start something, and before you know it two hours have gone by, and you’ve made something, but it was such a smooth process you don’t even realize.”

Since coming to GC, Kaminer has declared a minor in art therapy in hopes that arts, which is now just a hobby, can turn into a career in the future.

The students of Ceramics I plan on having more showcases later on in the semester.

Photos by McClaine Wellem | Staff Writer

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