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GC education majors celebrate Read Across America Day

Children are planning their outfits and picking their favorite craft for Read Across America Day on March 2, the day of famed children’s author Dr. Suess’ birthday.

Elementary and even some middle grade classes are get students excited about reading by allowing the students to dress up the entire week and read fun Dr. Suess books with their friends. Schools are also inviting older students to dress up and read with younger students for Read Across America Week.

Read Across America Day was founded by the National Education Association.

According to NEA’s Read Across America Day mission statement, “In our diverse and complex society, students need books that provide both windows and mirrors if we are going to create more readers, writers and people who feel included and recognized and who understand that the world is far richer than just their experiences alone.”

Classrooms around Putnam and neighboring districts are having a spirit week to commemorate the occasion. For some that is just dressing up on March 2. For others, every day of the week is a different theme and their outfit should match accordingly.

“I’m at Putnam County Primary School in Eatonton, Georgia, in a first grade classroom,” said senior Courtney Parker, an early childhood education major. “For that day we are having someone from the high school or middle school come read Dr. Seuss books to our class and do a craft with our students.”

This is a fun way for students to not only engage in a reading environment but to also see older kids get excited about reading as well.

“We are super excited to have them because we know our students will love it,” Parker said.

Reading and writing are also essential objectives for students.

“There are some kids that love to read, and those are the ones that are always picking out a book every time they get a chance,” said junior Cameron Shuler, another early childhood education major.” Then there are some students that already have it in their head that they can’t read.”

In order to combat this type of thinking, teachers try to get creative in the classroom.

“It could work out that we do a book reading and do math that goes along with the books,” said senior Lindsey Thompson, a middle grades education major.

Read Across America Day encourages all children to get involved in reading. The day brings something fun for the kids to do while also learning.

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