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Numbers of Hoco

GC’s 2019 Millywood-themed Homecoming costed the school approximately $100,000 to feature guest artists, run live events and give students the positive break they needed.

“It’s a unifying time for the college and for students to have a great time and maybe for a couple of days forget about those things [troubling recent events] and enjoy themselves,” said Jonathan Meyer, assistant director of business operations.

The combined organizations of Campus Life, SGA and CAB budgeted approximately $100,000 to pay for the expenses over the week. Over half of the budget went toward the Friday night concert.

The Homecoming celebrations started on Wednesday night with award-winning hypnotist Sailesh. The performance, sponsored by CAB, was designed to put select audience members in a trance.

The Brick offered up a $100 gift card on Thursday to the winning team of the Cupid Competition archery tournament to celebrate Valentine’s Day, which was won by Team Fort House made up of Ben Branch, Michael Campagna, Josh Durand, Luke Walsh and our own Editor-in-Chief Steven Walters. The tournament was sponsored by the Wellness and Recreation Center. Smaller prizes were also offered throughout the day for participation in the event.

Attendance spiked for the Homecoming Concert on Friday Night. Battle of the bands winner Champagne Lane opened for Jojo and Moon Taxi. Moon Taxi previously performed for the Deep Roots festival in 2015.

Meyer said approximately 2,500 tickets were sold out of the 5,000 available, a stark contrast to last year’s sold out show. Although the show did not sell out, Meyer said he is happy with the change in genre this year because it allowed for musical diversity.

“Trying to find artists that appeal to everybody, that everybody can get excited about, is almost impossible because everyone has a variety of different preferences and likes and dislikes,” Meyer said. “Hopefully, the 2,500 students that purchased tickets came, and this was their first experience, and it was a great one, so maybe they’ll come out again.”

Saturday showcased multiple events, starting with Tent City at 9 a.m. Students and community members participated in the social gathering designed to hype up the upcoming basketball games.

The Homecoming parade attracted over 1,000 spectators who gathered candy thrown from decorated floats and cars. The king, queen, duke and duchess contenders flaunted dresses and suits atop their floats to gain popularity for the crowning ceremony later that day.

Hannah Gibson, a member of ADPi, won queen, and Lainie Cox, from KD, won duchess. Cedric Norris won king, and Jonah Gunderson won duke, both members of ATO.

“Now that I have this platform, I plan to use it to show others how to lead with kindness,” said Gibson, a senior exercise science major. “Taking that extra moment to do something kind for another person or even say something kind can change their entire day, even their whole week.”

GC’s women’s and men’s basketball teams both lost their games against Augusta. The women’s team lost with a score of 78-55 while the men’s team lost with a score of 78-55. Both teams plan to work on their defense and rebounds as a come back for the remainder of the season.

“I think that there should be even more people going to Homecoming and that the basketball game[s] should be more advertised,” said graduate student William Hamilton, who is pursuing a public administration degree. “I think that the athletes have taken a back seat to everything and that it should be [a] more forward seat.”

Meyer plans to collect feedback from students to better tailor next year’s Homecoming to students’ preferences.

“We value feedback,” Meyer said. “We can’t know what ya’ll are thinking without y’all speaking up and voicing your perspectives and opinions on things.”

Graphic by Rachael Alesia | Art Director

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