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Class registration refresher

Sleep deprived, you grab a cup of coffee and a crumpled sheet full of CRN numbers, It’s time for registration, and the panic is kicking in. While it can be a stressful time for many, Mike Augustine, senior director of the Advising Center, stressed that registration isn’t a process defined by one day.

“The main thing I want students to know is that the week of March 11, that’s when registration begins—it doesn’t mean that it ends,” Augustine said. “Registration’s a fluid process that continues all the way to the end of drop/add in August. Students need to keep in mind [that] if they’re on some waitlists, don’t panic. This first week is a barometer; this is what tells the departments what the demand is.”

Augustine cautions students when it comes to resources like Rate My Professors, a widely-used site where students can view ratings of potential professors prior to registration.

“My position is that, a lot of people go there when they tend to have an axe to grind, and they may not necessarily always flock there to heap praise on somebody,” Augustine said. “I tell students all the time, if I had listened to some of my friends or the word on the street, I would have missed some of the best college professors I ever had. Every student’s experience is different.”

David Fordham, a senior management information system major, recommends asking people from your major about professors before registration.

Augustine was also adamant about the importance of checking your holds prior to registration in order to avoid a stressful experience.

“There are certain holds that will block registration like parking tickets, library fines and [incomplete] immunization,” Augustine said. “[Students] shouldn’t be trying to clear it the night before registration. If you try to go online and pay a parking ticket, you can pay it, but it takes 24 hours to cycle through the system.”

Although summer is a great time to unwind back at home, it can also be a great time for GC students to get college credit. Augustine suggests that students look into summer classes if they’re looking to save some money.

“If they’re [students] not here on campus, they’re not paying the health fee, the transportation fee and the student activities fee,” Augustine said.

When it comes to the ideal registration location, Augustine is confident that wherever students choose to pick their classes, internet connection won’t be a factor.

“I really think that between the registrar’s office and the IT department, they’ve gotten some of those kinks resolved that may have affected us in previous years,” Augustine said.

Dennis Breyne, a senior majoring in political science and criminal justice, recommends that students look at the big picture.

“It helps not just to think about what registration you have coming up; think about it in a few semesters in advance,” Breyne said. “Even if you can’t get a class you want now, your chances get better because you get priority as you go up.”

Registration week starts Monday, March 11.

Photo by Alex Bradley | Staff Photographer

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