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GC Bobcats run on coffee

The GC community spent $60,000—nearly $10 for every student—on coffee at two on-campus locations in Fall 2018.

“It is not uncommon for campuses to have more than one coffee option,” said Brian Losonsky, general manager of Sodexo Universities at GC. “People have strong opinions about their coffee flavors. Caribou and Starbucks have significantly different taste profiles.”

Books & Brew sold $36,000 in coffee sales whereas Einstein Bros. Bagels sold $24,000 in coffee sales. Each location had popular products that sold better than the other location. For example B&B had better sales in regular coffee and cappuccinos while Einstein’s had better sales in lattes and white mochas.

“I believe Einstein/Caribou leads with a strong food component that is complimented by the beverage component,” Losonsky said. “Books & Brew leads with a strong beverage brand that is supported by separate food offerings.”

Sodexo is the food-and-beverage service provider for campus retail locations. Einstein’s and Caribou Coffee have a partnership with Sodexo, which has licensed for the store to operate at GC. Sodexo pays Einstein’s a set royalty based on overall sales.

Starbucks, however, is not fully licensed. GC purchases Starbucks coffee and sells it at B&B, the name for which came from its slogan: “We Proudly Brew Starbucks.”

Seth Kessel, management information systems major at GC, said he appreciates the convenience of having two coffee shops on campus. He originally was not a fan of Einstein’s coffee before they merged with Caribou.

“Now that it switched to Caribou Coffee, it’s pretty good,” Kessel said.

Students enjoy coffee for many reasons, particularly for the caffeine. However, GC Student Affairs prevention coordinator Rachel Pope warned about caffeine intake.

“Caffeine’s legal, but students or people don’t realize that that’s a drug,” Pope said. “You’re putting something in your body, and it’s changing the way that it normally works.”

According to the Mayo Clinic, most healthy adults are safe consuming 400mg of caffeine per day, which is equivalent to roughly four cups of coffee.

Pope denies that caffeine is bad, but it can be abused like any other drug. Too much coffee can interrupt sleep, which leads to a deterioration in academic performance.

“If that’s the only way you know how to study, is being in a coffee induced state, you might want to change that,” Pope said.

Graphic by Rachael Alesia | Art Director

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