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Lady Bits Podcast debuts

Three women sit down in the dimly lit basement of the Women’s Center, and over lighthearted conversation, they share personal stories and research-based facts to educate their listeners about sexual health.

The show “Lady Bits,” hosted by Marisa Vestal, Bailey Far and Julie Wiman, is a podcast aimed to tackle the lack of sexual health education at our university and in our state.

“We are just trying to finally start a conversation on something that everyone does but no one talks about,” said Vestal, a sophomore public health major.

The girls manifested the idea during a brainstorming session about how they could get more people involved in the Women’s Center, where all three girls work. The initial thought was to host events. However, fearful that women would be afraid or uncomfortable attending, the idea of a podcast was brought to the table.

“You can listen wherever you want,” Vestal said. “No one has to know what you are listening to, although it shouldn’t be shameful. You kind of make it your own in a way. I think it’s good because it gives people who are maybe more shy or more private a place to learn from other people their ages’ personal experiences.”

The three hosts hope to have guests, such as international students, in hopes of learning more about what sexual education looks like across the globe.

Hosting a roundtable with women who have experience with all different types of birth control is on the agenda for a later show as well as inviting women to speak about their different sexual experiences because all three hosts are speaking from a heterosexual perspective.

“I feel like a lot of people are very hush hush or taboo about sex,” said senior Abby Jordan, a public health major. “They think that it’s just between the person you’re dating or the person you’re seeing. But it is something that we all experience, so I feel like it should be an open conversation, and I feel like [Lady Bits] talking about this so casually just opens up the door for other people to initiate conversation.

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