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GC acceptance rates higher than enrollment

In 2009, 48 percent of those accepted to GC enrolled, a large difference compared to the enrollment rate of 42 percent in 2018.

Every year, GC accepts roughly the same number of freshman students, about 1,450. However, this number has slowly increased over the past couple years. The upcoming academic year, 2019, could bring in a freshmen class as large as 1,480 students.

“It’s by design to keep the class sizes small, so it’s very intentional,” said Alison Shepherd, the assistant director of admissions.

However, this 1,480 does take into account the number of freshmen students that will actually enroll and come to GC. This number also does not take into account transfer students or students coming to GC after the fall semester. In 2018, GC enrolled 42 percent of those admitted in 2018.

“I applied to four colleges, but had my heart set on GC,” said Hillary Wilson, a participant of the Bridge Scholars program at GC. “I think they’ve [GC] become a more selective school as years have passed.”

One of GC’s major competitors, the University of Georgia, enrolled 45 percent of the applicants admitted in 2018.

In 2018, 4,329 students applied to GC. This has increased dramatically from the 3,666 students who applied in 2009. This is positive for GC because the more people who apply, the pickier admissions can be with our student pool.

“The goal is always to increase applications because it gives us an opportunity to shape the class coming in,” said Suzanne Pittman, the associate vice president of admissions.

Graphic by Rachael Alesia | Art Director

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