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Particpation spikes at the Career Center

According to the GC Fact Book, participation at the Career Center has increased by over 6,000 students since 2012. Racing against an increasingly competitive workforce, the Career Center has implemented a number of new services to keep GC students ahead of the curve.

Over her 12 years at the Career Center, Director Mary Roberts has witnessed firsthand the evolution and growth of the service. When Roberts arrived in 2007, the Career Center only had two professional career advisers and hosted just two career fairs per year.

Now, the Center has 11 advisors at its disposal and over 12 career fairs every year.

“In Fall 2015, we launched a campus-wide career planning initiative that provided students with a clear checklist of career development activities that should happen across their four-year experience,” Roberts said. “With more staffing, we’ve been able to reach every first-year student through First-Year Academic Seminar and expand opportunities for academic courses to include career planning in their curriculum.”

Total participation at the Career Center stood at 5,169 students in 2012-13, jumping to 11,806 in 2018-19. Fifty-one students received career assessments and group/individual advising in 2012-13 while 1,660 received these services in 2018-19. Advisers reviewed 325 resumes in 2012-13, a number that increased to 1,944 students by 2018-19.

Starting during orientation and Week of Welcome, students should expect to hear from the Career Center throughout their four-year college journey. Roberts said that marketing efforts have led to increased awareness and usage of the Career Center.

Jackie Hand, a career development specialist at the Career Center, said she has seen a change in the way students approach career planning.

“It is really great to see students who come to the Career Center for a class assignment and end up coming back for real help and to complete their Career Planning Milestones,” Hand said. “I think that I have more so seen an evolution in a lot of individual students, and that is just an incredible thing to watch.”

In 2012-13, only 48 students participated in mock interviews, but in 2018-19, 849 participated.

Dennis Breyne, a senior majoring in political science and criminal justice, recently used the Career Center for a mock interview.

“I’m normally doing [mock interviews] for a class, but I recommend going to those because they are very helpful,” Breyne said. “They give you a whole idea of what interviewers are going to want in an interview.”

With the employment market becoming increasingly competitive, the Career Center gives students the tools they need to be successful in whatever field they decide to enter.

GC’s smaller size also allows for a more personal, individualized interaction between students and Career Center advisers.

“I think the Career Center’s ability to reach across campus and be in front of students multiple times throughout their four years at GC has increased appreciation for how our services can help students be successful in whatever they transition to after graduation,” Roberts said. “As a result, more students are seeing the connection between how the Career Center can help them in this competitive market.”

Infographic by Angie Yones | Contributing Graphic Designer

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