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Not So Greek gears up for 15th anniversary

With a guest list including the entire GC community, Not So Greek is a party with so much dancing, it comes close to physically bringing the house down every year.

Fifteen years ago, a group of friends wanted a chance to dress up, take pictures and go dancing, but they were not a part of any organizations that hosted such events—so they created their own.

Named Not So Greek because the original founders wanted unaffiliated individuals on campus to feel comfortable attending the event, the men living at 331 W. Montgomery St, or the so-called “the 331 House,” decided to open up their home for an alcohol-free night of music and dancing.

True to tradition, this year’s Not So Greek, or NSG, will be from 7:30 p.m. to midnight on Saturday, April 13 at 331 W. Montgomery St. The house will be decked out in lights, and the furniture will be put out on the lawn to make room for dancing inside and provide a space outside for people who want to take a break to rehydrate or chat with friends.

The organizers embrace a “a party for everyone” motto for NSG. There are no specific invitations—just music, a dance floor and an open door.

“It’s not supposed to feel clique-y or exclusive, it’s supposed to be welcoming,” said Christian Brook, a senior rhetoric major and party host. “That’s another reason it’s a dry party. Be- cause if there is somebody who is not a huge fan of the party scene or alcohol in general, this is the party that they get to go to.”

As the party has grown and evolved, so has the preparation leading up to the event. Since 2014, organizers record a hype video that hits the internet a few days before the actual event.

The lyrics of the hype song set the tone for the party and advertises details of the party. In years past, the video has taken on a high production value with props and carefully crafted settings, but this year apparently will be different.

“What I’m excited about for this video is it’s really taking it back to the basics,” said senior Libby Maneol, an outdoor education major who is featured rapping in the video. “It’s going to be really simple and really focus on the lyrics, which is what I love most anyways, the lyrics that people come up with. Having a more simple production will make it easier to enjoy the lyrics we’ve written.”

Maneol goes by Mad Libz in the video entitled “NSG ALERT.”

For some people, the hype video is another sign that one of the best nights of the year is approaching.

“One of the reasons I love it [NSG] is because it’s a great way to let loose and just dance like a crazy person,” said senior Arianna Baxter, a music and liberal studies major. “It is non-exclusive and allows people to get hype at a party without using alcohol.”

Baxter said she heard from other attendees and also learned first-hand her first year that most people have two outfits for NSG: one to take pictures in, and another out-fit for the actual event.

“People know they are going to get sweaty, so they usually go change clothes before they come,” Brook said. “People literally fill every corner of the house just dancing.”

This year will be Brook’s fifth NSG and his third year helping plan the event. He said he will DJ for the night and intends to play a variety of music. His set includes classics from Blink-182 and Michael Jackson as well as more expected dance songs from artists such as Bruno Mars.

However, Brook and other hosts encourage the partiers not to jump but rather do what Brook calls “excited toe raises.” It is an odd request explained an incident that occurred at the first NSG party: so many people were jumping in unison, the floor almost broke.

“I remember that there were so many people there, that I went under the house because I felt the floor bowing, and under the house you could see the floor trusses bowing,” said Kevin Lamb, one of the original founders of NSG and a 2006 GC graduate. “So I had to go under there and had to support it with extra beams and stuff.”

Through bowing floor beams, sweaty dancers and the logistical challenges of hosting a house party with an unlimited guest list, NSG survives as a Milledgeville classic and an anomaly on college campuses.

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