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Two GC students win “The Price is Right”

On Saturday, April 6, GC students Braxton Roberts and Hannah Teasley won the “The Price is Right” in Macon, a game show based on luck and numbers.

Roberts, a senior management major, was given the opportunity when his friends bought tickets to the traveling show and invited him to come along, knowing he was a long-time fan of the show.

“I’m a big numbers guy,” Roberts said. “So I’ve watched [the show] forever with my family. We always said if we ever got the chance, we’d go.”

One of 3,500 attending the show, Roberts was randomly selected to guess the price of a margarita maker.

“I wasn’t even paying attention,” Roberts said. “[My friend] and I were talking, and they said, ‘Braxton Roberts, come on down!’ And we all just died laughing. I couldn’t believe it at all.”

The objective of the initial game is to guess a price that is as close to the real price of the item as possible without going over.

Roberts used a strategy he learned from watching over the years and won the first game, giving him the opportunity to advance.

“I was shaking like a leaf, but once I heard the other guesses, I was like, ‘I’m gonna win this thing,’” Roberts said.

Roberts then correctly guessed the prices of three more items during the game “Any Number.”

One of these items was the grand prize: a four-night, five-day, all-expense paid trip to Hollywood for him and a guest.

“Those three friends that were with me are really, really good friends,” Roberts said. “I felt bad because it wasn’t them, but they were like, ‘You made our whole night!’ And they were just so encouraging.”

One of the friends who invited Roberts to the show was GC alum Garett Poillucci.

“I didn’t expect to have that much fun,” Poillucci said. “But when Brax won, it just made the experience 100 times better.”

Poillucci said he would like to go to another show if he has the chance again.

“I enjoy seeing other people win things,” Poillucci said. “Not once did I think, ‘Man, I wish that were me up there.

Just to see Brax up there was the most enjoyable thing ever.”

GC senior Hannah Teasley, a nursing major, was also at the show in Macon with her mom and some of her mom’s friends.

Teasley used to watch the show with her grandma as a child, so she said having the opportunity to attend a live show was special for her.

As a nursing major, Teasley said she was preoccupied, thinking of an upcoming test she had on Monday.

“I was starting to freak out about getting back home and studying, so I kind of dazed out for a second, and then they called my name,” Teasley said. “My adrenaline was so high, I barely remember getting up and walking down there.”

Teasley’s preliminary game involved guessing the price of an espresso machine, which she did successfully.

She then moved on to play “The Checkout Game,” which required her guessing the prices of several grocery items.

“I’ve always been a deal shopper anyway, and it turned out to be items I buy pretty regularly…except for the fish sticks, but the crowd helped me out with that one,” Teasley said.

Teasley was able to guess within $1.30 of the total, earning her a grand prize of a five-night, four-day, all-expense-paid trip to Oahu, Hawaii.

“When they said the prize was a trip to Hawaii, I freaked out,” Teasley said. “I immediately ran and called my fiance, and he was like, ‘You’re joking.’ He did not believe me at all.”

Teasley and Roberts both said they were shocked to find out the other was at the show, as well.

“[Roberts] went up there, and I didn’t know him before, but he said he goes to GC, so I was like, ‘Go Bobcats!’”

Teasley said. “It was just really funny. What are the chances both of the GC students there get called up?”

Teasley is graduating in December and plans to take her fiance with her to Hawaii as a graduation trip.

Roberts said he is also planning on bringing his fiance on his trip to Hollywood, after they get married in May. They will be able to attend the Hollywood filming of the show, where they’ll have another chance to be chosen to play.

Top photo courtesy of Hannah Teasley

Bottom photo courtesy of Braxton Roberts

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