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Uncommon Majors-Students discover rare majors at GC

Of the 39 undergraduate majors at GC, 11 of these majors hold less than 50 students in them as of Spring 2018, according to the GC Factbook. A few of these majors include: outdoor education (30), rhetoric (32) and geography (20).

Hannah Kate Mulanax, a sophomore, fell in love with the outdoor education program because she didn’t want to be in a classroom, however, she wanted to teach.

“I see outdoor education as using an outdoor activity to better the mental and physical health of those we are working with,” Mulanax said.

Mulanax found a way through her program to fulfill her love of the outdoors and working with children.

Athletic Training is another major GC offers. Athletic training is a combination of emergency care and rehabilitation. Athletic training is not to be confused with exercise science.

Emma Bohnet, senior athletic training major, is set to graduate this coming May 2019. Bohnet has been in the athletic training cohort for two years. Bohnet likes having a smaller major because the people in her cohort.

“They’re reliable people that know what you’re going through and understand what you have to commit to the two years in the cohort,”Bohnet said.

Some students have heard of the music therapy major, however, it is another incredibly small major at GC.

“I’m doing three different things,” said Julia Hufford. “I’m getting a music major, a psych major and I’m getting a special education minor. Music therapy is one major, but the course load fits that.”

Hufford came to GC for the music therapy major. Hufford was touring GC and befriended a college student who opened her up to the idea of majoring in music therapy resulting in her desire to come to GC to study music therapy.

There are only nine music therapy freshman at GC, including Hufford. Hufford says there is a sense of community because it is such a small program.

One downside to a smaller program is the threat of getting defunded or dissolved. Outdoor education is getting dissolved after this year. Hannah Kate is going to be one of the last students to graduate GC with an outdoor education major.

Bohnet is going to be one of the last to graduate with an athletic training major as an undergraduate. Athletic training is being transferred to a graduate degree.

Other majors can be discovered by students searching for their perfect major. Some of the lesser known ones are anthropology, philosophy and liberal studies.

Infographic by Emma Lammers | Asst. Graphic Designer

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