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Bobcat Baseball Brothers

Josh and Will Hudgins are two players on the GC baseball team’s current roster that are brothers. This season is the first and last time the two brothers will play together on the same team.

Josh, a freshman management information systems major, is a right-handed pitcher, while his older brother, Will, a fifth year senior marketing major, is a utility player who alternates between designated hitter and infielder.

Will began his baseball career at Georgia Southern, where he played two years before deciding to take a break to focus on his degree in construction management. When he heard his younger brother Josh was attending GC to play baseball, he took advantage of the NCAA rule that states each player has four years of eligibility in a five year span.

Although he graduated from Georgia Southern last spring with a degree in construction management, Will was able to enroll in classes by declaring a marketing major.

Head baseball coach, Jason Eller, said the two brothers had no problem adjusting to the challenges of playing together. Will was even the designated hitter for Josh’s first pitching start as a bobcat.

“You can really tell how much Josh looks up to Will, and what a great example that Will sets as a big brother for his younger brother,” Eller said. “Their parents love the situation. I know their mom adores it and I can only imagine how much fun they have at home during the holidays.”

The relationship between the two brothers was always built upon supporting one another in their athletic endeavors. While they never played on the same team, they would develop their individual skill sets together.

“Growing up we would always play catch in the front yard and help each others games,” Will said. “We always knew each others games and we play very similarly, so we know if one of us is off.”

Will was always someone that Josh looked up to as a role model. As an older brother, Will did his best to help Josh grow into the best athlete and person possible. Being the youngest of three brothers, Josh didn’t always realize the responsibility his two older brothers felt towards him. As he matured through his high school years, Josh began understanding why Will wanted him to constantly work and improve the fundamentals of his baseball game and become an outstanding individual as it would set him up for future success in college.

After hearing that his older brother Will decided to hang up his spikes, Josh described feeling lost because his role model in baseball decided to stop playing.

That sentiment wasn’t lost, however, as Will made a conscious decision to use his last year of eligibility to transfer to Josh’s school of choice and play on the same team as his younger brother for the first and last time.

“Honestly, if I didn’t have him this year, I would be lost, but having him on the team as a leader, it’s

helped a lot,” Josh said.

With the season coming to a close, the two brothers are reflecting on the only season they shared as teammates, while also looking towards the future With a degree in construction management already completed from Georgia Southern, Will has already received job offers from construction companies and plans to begin his career in August. The marketing courses he has taken at GC will mainly help him manage and promote his woodworking business.

Josh plans to continue playing baseball at GC for the next three years. He is grateful he was able to grow as a baseball player during his first year at GC with the guidance of his older brother.

Their last game together will be a celebratory occasion not only for the two brother’s, but also for their entire family. Both parents, the oldest brother Jake and many more family members will show up to support Will and Josh for their last game as teammates.

“It’s surreal,” Josh said. “I’m trying to soak up every moment and every single second with him now because this season has flown by so fast. I want to enjoy every single second with him for my first and last season playing with him.

Top two photos courtesy of Hudgins family

Bottom two photos courtesy of GC Sports Information

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