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Bobcat smash aims for esports expansion

The GC Smash Brothers club is looking to become an esports team.

Super Smash Brothers is a game in which players ght one another with characters from popular video game franchises. The maps are partly two dimensional and have items that players are able to use to their advantage.

Cody House, a freshman physics major and president of the club, has seen the growth of the club first hand.

“We already have the second biggest team outside of Atlanta now,” House said.

“We house our own tournament once every semester called the Milledgeville delusion.”

The club goes to different tournaments, usually in Atlanta, but also occasionally to Florida and other states. The best players in the group represent the club at the tournaments.

While many of the best players in the state come from Atlanta, the club is attempting to change that.

William Detjen, a senior English major, has been around since the club’s humble beginnings

“I didn’t start playing Smash competitively until I got here [GC], and I was one of the original members,”Detjen said.

The club originated with a group of strangers brought together by the popular video game, Super Smash Brothers, after seeing an advertisement in the Colonnade.

The club is looking to become an esports team for a number of reasons.

“[Becoming an esports team] would change how the club is viewed,” Detjen said. “People want to jump in and you don’t have to take it seriously, but we are a competitive, serious team. We’re interested in hardcore play.”

Luke Belanger, a sophomore business management major and member of the club, hopes to see the club grow in membership in the future.

“I think that being classified as an esports team will help us grow a lot,” Belanger said. “ That’s the issue we’ve been facing this semester; we haven’t been growing as much as we should. I think we’ll put a lot more focus on tournaments.”

The club meets every Monday and has a weekly tournament, which helps determine informally where people are ranked.

The club hopes to expand as it continues holding tournaments every Monday.

Photo courtesy of Cody House

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