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GC students share tips for stress-free finals week

Finals week begins Tuesday, May 7 and students are loading up on caffeine and reserving study rooms in the library to make sure they are prepared.

“I don’t ever study past 10:00 p.m. and I never study when I feel like I need a break,” said Allison Vielhaber, a senior mass communication major.

According to a study conducted by MentalHelp in 2016, 89% of college students were stressed at least two to four times per semester, 30% said they were stressed for almost the entire semester and 31% of students said that finals were the biggest source of their stress.

Liz Lohrmann, a business advisor at the advising center, suggests that students start preparing early, instead of waiting until the last minute.

“I make sure that everything is ready and in my book bag the night before, and if I had to dress up for a presentation, I would set it out the night before” said Daniella omas, a senior liberal studies major.

Oxford learning discovered 11 of the worst study habits are: starting a study session without a plan, waiting until the last minute, spending hours studying, distractions such as social media and cell phones, studying in front of the television, trying to cram the night before the test, not asking the professor for clarification when you fail to grasp a topic, studying to remember, instead of studying to understand, not remaining organized and keeping messy notes.

GC recognizes the stress that students are facing. GC has made it a tradition to have “Midnight Breakfast “ at Maxwell Student Union the Monday before finals.

Project Up is known for bringing puppies to campus during finals week in an effort to help students shake off some of their stress and succeed going into finals.

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