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Where are GC students going this summer?

With only a few more weeks of school left, many students are looking forward to their summer plans whether that involves staying here in Milledgeville, going out of town or studying abroad.

Angel Sosa, a senior exercise science major, has plans to stay here in Milledgeville for the summer and finish up his undergraduate internship with GMC. He hopes to become a full time employee there working with the coaches and players.

“I was actually really on the fence about staying in Milledgeville this summer,” Sosa said. “I was planning on going to Jacksonville to complete my internship, but one door closes and another opens. Now I have the opportunity to possibly be a paid intern here.”

This summer will also be Sosa’s first summer in Milledgeville. His goals for the summer are to determine which graduate program to complete and set up plans to move to Jacksonville, Florida, next year.

“I’m excited to experience a summer here. I’ve heard it’s quiet, but I like quiet,” Sosa said. “I’m looking forward to getting two certifications, Certified Strength and Conditioning and National Academy of Sports Medicine, which will help me get jobs and we just had a new coach at GMC that I’m excited to meet and get to know. It will also be nice to be able to get to see my family more often now that my summer schedule won’t be as busy.”

While some students like Sosa are staying here for the summer, others like Megan Pike, a junior exercise science major, plan on traveling outside of Georgia to Daytona, Florida.

“I’m going on Summer Leadership Project for summer,” Pike said. “SLP is where students from different Campus Outreach organizations come to Daytona for a summer of training and growth while learning to share our faith with those around us.”

While there, she will also be taking two online summer classes and holding a job that is provided through SLP. Pike said that while she wants to do good in her classes, she does not want them to take priority over what she is doing in Daytona.

“I’m really excited but at the same time it’s a little nerve-racking because I’ve never gone anywhere for this amount of time. I’ve never taken a trip like this,” Pike said. “I’m excited to grow closer to the girls that are going and to develop those friendships.”

Even though Pike is ready for this experience, she said she will miss Milledgeville because of the community and the friendships she has found here.

Another summer experience that many GC students are doing is study abroad. Taylor Walls, a junior economics major, is going to Chile, South America for study abroad and an internship.

“The scary part is that it’s all in Spanish,” Walls said. “We will partner with the University of Andes and stay with a host family rather than in a dorm. Professor Nicholson will be going down with us too.”

Walls said that she took this opportunity because it was the only program GC offered and since all of her professors have spoken in the South American dialect, going to a South American country would be easier for her to understand than going somewhere like Spain.

While there, Walls’ goal is to be able to start conver- sations on her own and use English as little as possible. She will also be taking classes to nish her Spanish minor while doing an internship in human resources.

“I am nervous, but excited. Nervous because I don’t know if I can speak that good of Spanish, but I’m excited because I’ve never been to South America, or Chile,” Walls said. “I want to immerse myself in the culture and I want to utilize my Spanish skills properly rather than in a classroom.”

With a couple of months of summer break, many students are able to take advantage of the opportunities and experiences that are offered through taking classes, working, traveling or spending time at home.

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