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GC Celebrates MLK 2020

GC students went out to volunteer in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) Day on Monday Jan. 20, 2020.

GC held several events to commemorate King’s legacy. This is the first MLK holiday after the recent string of culturally insensitive attacks against our community late last semester.

To celebrate the holiday many different groups on campus held events to spread the word and teachings of King.

The Campus Activities Board (CAB) held a special showing of “King in the Wilderness”. The movie examined the last four months of King’s life and his work in his final hours. CAB held the showing on King’s birthday, January 15 at 7:30 p.m. in Donahoo Lounge.

GC also hosted the fourth annual MLK Jr. Community Breakfast. This year’s breakfast followed a different format. Instead of announcing new essay winners, GC allowed for previous essay winners to return to sit on a student lead panel.

The students were all from the local school system and shared how they felt Milledgeville as a community can work more towards King’s dream of a loving and inclusive community. Many students were inspired by the panel that was held.

“The breakfast inspired me to step outside of my comfort zone and get involved in things that come with a greater impact and affect the individuals who come after me,’’ said Brittany Worthen, a junior political science major and the newly elected president of the Black Student Alliance.

“The breakfast held a very strong significance. I feel like GC faced a lot over this past year, and events like this continuing and involving show that we are taking actions to move forward,” said Worthen.

Last semester many GC students were left confused, heartbroken and wondering since national headlines filled the last half of the year with many campuses suffering from hate crimes on their campus, and GC was not immune.

Swastikas and phrases like “white power,” found their way to campus.

GC students decided this MLK Jr. holiday to reclaim their campus. Students from all backgrounds came together for the greater good of helping the surrounding communities.

GC students gave back in the form of volunteering. The Give Center hosted volunteers at Comfort Farms. According to their Facebook page, “Comfort Farms is located in Baldwin County and focuses on helping veterans in the community. Along with offering support to vets through various farming methods, Comfort Farms also focuses on being sustainable.”

“What I wanted to do was find a new partner that didn’t have a lot of consistent volunteers and we sorta just looked down our list and then reached out to a few. They were one group that was having an event and were excited. It was kind of a matchmaking concept. We were looking for those who were interested in having volunteers on MLK Day. We wanted to match the need in the community,” said Kendall Stiles, director of the Give Center and organizer of this year’s 2020 MLK Day of Service.

MLK Jr. Day 2020 was historic. Not only because it was the 25th anniversary of the day of service, but also because it is the beginning of the healing process for so many students who were affected by the actions that took place last semester.


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