• Gaige Gagnon | Senior Writer

Incorrect classroom size creates confusion

At least three rhetoric classes experienced classroom sizes that were too small, as well as at least one nursing, spanish and mass communication class.

25Live is the software that GC uses to schedule, optimize and allocate classroom and facility resources.

This product was implemented in June 2019 and was used to schedule the locations for each GC spring 2020 course. This semester, the software failed to fit the needs of students taking classes in A&S.

Persuasion, taught by Janet Hoffman, professor of speech communication, requires a row column arrangement. A small conference room does not work for a public speaking course.

25Live did not take these things into consideration. Given that the software already made use of every classroom, it was up to the department heads to fix the issue

“The system does not allow you to take into account what human beings understand and the best practices for classroom spaces,” says Dr. Hoffmann.

Scott Dillard, professor and rhetoric coordinator, scrambled to find classrooms that would fit rhetoric’s needs. Dr. Dillard walked the building during Dr. Hoffmann’s class time and found a foreign language class that would work.

Then, Dillard contacted the department chair of world languages and cultures to ask if the professor would be willing to swap classrooms.

“The lesson is quite simple,” says Hoffmann. “Human beings are better than any software program for determining efficiently and effectively what classes should be in which classroom spaces.”

The time when 25Live software can properly assess the needs of each major and course may come in the future, but that time is not right now.

These courses generally have between 10 and 20 students. Only one of the classes had more students than expected, while the majority of them were not completely filled up.

The only report of a classroom that was too large was in a senior seminar class for chemistry. This class was given a lecture hall for only 15 students.

There have not been reports on any intro course classrooms not fitting the class size. Most of the incidents happened to upper level courses.


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