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Students attempt to bring club football to GC

An ambitious group of students plan to bring football to GC. Matthew Hamaty, William Caylor and Matthew Gordon held an interest meeting in the DEN on Jan. 10. This meeting was for anyone looking for more information about the club football team in preparation for setting up a full roster.

GC has never had a football team. This past semester, the GC Flag Football team won a national championship and in 2016 the club Frisbee team won a national title as well. With such a rich history of club sports at GC, the club football team is looking to add to the prestige.

Hamaty, vice president of GC Club Football and freshman political science major, is one of the students behind the birth of club football at GC.

“I know a lot of guys enjoyed it then [high school] but no one ever really wanted to do it officially in college and now they wanted to start something,” Hamaty said. “ This is kind of just more fun with friends,”

Although attendance at the meeting was low, Hamaty remains confident more students are interested. The team placed flyers on bulletin boards around campus hoping to gain more interest.

“We had about ten, but we got about forty people who are interested in wanting to play,” Hamaty Said

The future of the club’s battle for legitimacy will depend on how they carryover their momentum from the interest meeting.

“We know a guy at the wellness center who can hook us up with the right people and the board of directors here at the school, and with the athletic association here, and will put us in the right direction of getting funding and how we can move forward in the process.” Hamaty said.

The GC club football team will push for funding and support from school leadership. Money is a major concern, but it seems that Hamaty has a plan.

“[We] can kind of get rough estimates [on price] through big name brands , and then probably just get second hand pads or something for guys that didn’t play [in high school],” Hamaty said.

With club football teams at the University of South Carolina, Middle Georgia, and Gordon State, the GC squad already has competition lined up. The team plans to hold practice four times a week, the club football team will certainly have a focus on success and improvement.

“We’re trying to get started with a team for next season in the fall,” Hamaty said. If all the pieces fall into place, we could be seeing a football team at GC within the year.”

If you are interested in the club football team or want more information, you are encouraged to contact Matthew Hamaty, William Caylor or Matthew Gordon.


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