• Meghan Shackleford | Staff Writer

New resolutions make way for change for GC

SGA passed several resolutions last semester to help better serve the students of GC and make sure their voice is heard.

The first resolution passed by the senate was one that formally condemned the hate crimes that occurred on campus and to students cars last semester. The goal was to express their support to the students that were affected and to make sure they knew they were heard.

Another resolution was introduced and passed formally endorsing Tom Miles as the new dean of students. Miles has held the interim position for the past year. SGA wanted to show their support as it is believed he had been overlooked previously.

“He had been overlooked in previous searches, but he had quality that did not compare to any of the people interviewed for the position of the dean of students,” said Samantha Cervantes, president pro tempore. “This is a position that we needed to have someone in as soon as possible.”

The third resolution passed last semester expressed disagreement with the changes to the victim advocacy services that GC provides. Students now only have one source to advocate for them on campus as everyone except counselors are now mandated reporters.

SGA wanted victims to know they were supported and heard by them by voting this resolution into place.

“Yes because students cannot go to the women’s center for example to confide in someone they trust,” Cervantes said. “They now have to go to counseling services and be in an environment that may be uncomfortable for them in order to talk about their situation.”

Within the other resolution they also expressed their interest in creating a peer counseling group. This would help to improve the situation by giving victims another outlet, lead by their peers, to discuss their situations or tell their stories.

SGA also passed a resolution that created Bobcat link. This is a committee within SGA that will now serve as link between SGA and students, the community and the students, and the administration and the students. They set those connections and have made them the pillars by which this committee will operate. The committee will be comprised of different cabinet members each semester, making it an ad hoc committee.

SGA’s primary purpose on campus is to be a voice for the students. It is a self-governed body that believes in improving the quality of life for the students on campus. A position that makes speaking with the student body possible and being communicative between SGA and the student media is that of the press secretary.

“The job of the press secretary is to basically do what I am doing right now. Just kind of be present and be the liaison between the student media and student government. As well as you know help with any press releases from the student government,” said Lydia Adkins, press secretary.

They believe each student is entitled to certain rights, privileges and protections. By passing these previously mentioned resolutions, SGA is keeping the student body as their top priority.

“SGA is a space for students to have their voices heard, and to work on bettering the lives of the students who attend our school,” said Sarabeth Sutton, director of Housing Affairs.


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