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Women's group meets to create vision boards

Last week, the GC Women’s Action Collective, hosted a vision board workshop on Jan 22, in Blackbridge Hall (The HUB).

It was their first event of the spring 2020 semester and was an open initiation for anyone interested in artistically setting their goals for the new year.

“When you have something that you can look at every day that reminds you of your goals, those times when you have that feeling of letting yourself down, looking at it can push you towards those goals,” said Lean-Jenee Jones, co-president of Women’s Action Collective and senior criminal justice major.

A vision board is used to help one visualize and focus on the goals they want to achieve such as getting all A’s this semester, or eating healthier. The board begins as a blank canvas and is eventually covered in pictures, words/quotes, paint, newspaper, and many other mediums.

”For me it is about getting out of here and making sure I am keeping up with my fitness goals and my eating goals,” Jones said.

“It is a visual and creative representation of some goals that you might want to manifest in the upcoming year or five years, however long you would want to think about the different areas in your life that you want to improve,” said Madeline Barnett, a senior psychology major.

Barnett added that they decided to do a vision board workshop to allow a way for students to set their goals in a tangible way while transitioning into the new Spring semester. With this being a women’s group, it was important that they incorporate goals that support women’s issues in the community.

“Everyone is welcome to come to any of the events, or they can come to the meetings, we have general body meetings every other week upstairs in the GC Women’s Center on Mondays at 6:00,” Barnett said.

Barnett said that the group is filled with amazing women looking to build a more inclusive and supportive community at GC.

When asking GC students if they were familiar with the Women’s Action Collective group, and the fun events they host biweekly, many were unaware of the group but showed interest in getting more involved.

“I had no idea that GCSU had a women’s group on campus, I would have loved to create a vision board to hang in my living room to remind myself of my New Year’s resolutions every day,” said Abby Davis, a junior business management major.

Students can find more information about the Women’s Action Collective by visiting the GC women’s center, reading FrontPage, or visiting their Facebook site where they post all of their events and the times they start.


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