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Bobcats speak out

September 7, 2017

Q: What are your survival tips for freshman?


“Always introduce yourself to the teachers the first week; get on their good side.” 

- Matthew Weiss, sophomore, marketing major


“My advice for freshmen is manage your time wisely; make sure you get your work done efficiently in a timely manner.”

- Caleb Esuke, sophomore, pre-nursing major


“Find a cause you’re passionate about, get really involved in that, and take whatever ideas you have and run with them...”

- Madeline Oliff, senior, environmental science major 


“The learning center is your best friend. They can help you with anything you have problems with—your homework, if you didn’t understand what a teacher said in class. They can break it down for you.”

- Carine Seudieu, senior, chemistry major 


Infographic courtesy of Kristen Pack

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