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GC intramurals: All for fun and fun for all


Georgia College’s intramural sports are undoubtedly a popular activity outside of class and work. In this semester alone, 1,654 people participated in at least one intramural sport and 1,131 games were played.


There were 402 teams that competed at Georgia College this semester. Each team was comprised of either students, faculty or staff, and people could also play as free agents without teams.


Many teams are formed from sororities or fraternities. In the past, Pike and Zeta have been the fraternity and sorority to win the most games, but this semester ATO and Phi Mu have achieved those titles.


There were 402 teams that competed at Georgia College during the Fall 2017 semester. Drew Bruton, Assistant Director of Recreational Sports, said the most popular sports were flag football, so ball and soccer.


This semester the intramural flag football team won second place at the intramural state tournament and will be competing at the national level in Pensacola, Florida. Two current intramural legends, Sawyer Eavenson and Brantley Attaway, are members of the team and will be traveling to compete.


Attaway said his favorite part of intramurals has been the camaraderie and the memories made.


“The state flag football tournament was a lot of fun,” Attaway said. “We had a different team this year and we got to know the guys, so it was a lot of fun.”


Participation in intramurals not only provides community and the opportunity for fun memories to be made, but it also allows players to become legends.


An intramural legend is a leadership-type of role in the recreational sports community. They are students who have displayed an exceptional level of athleticism and they provide input to the directors of recreational sports here.''


“Legends are people that are the top participants of their age group,” Bruton said. “It’s kind of an award, but it’s also kind of a focus group. They participate in a lot of our programs and win a lot of games. Sawyer has the highest winning percentage of anyone that has played 50 or more games this semester and Brantley has the most win of any student this semester.”

Eavenson has the highest winning percentage of anyone that has played 50 or more games this semester and Attaway has the most win of any student this semester, deeming them legend material.


Bruton said students should participate in intramurals because, “it’s a good outlet for people to build relationships. We have a good culture here. Intramurals allows you to meet new people.”


e Spring 2018 intramural season will begin in January and will feature several sports not offered in Fall including inner tube water polo. Teams can sign up on or the Rec*It app.

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