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Bobcats Speak Out: “Are you pro-pumpkin spice?”

October 3, 2018



“I don’t like pumpkin spice because it’s gross. I just don’t like fall flavors like pumpkin or anything that involves pumpkin.”

 – Tori Barnes, freshman 

pre-nursing major









“I love pumpkin spice, but I think it should be contained to the fall season. Right now it definitely starts too early.”

 – Lucy Beck, freshman biology major






“I just like pumpkin spice because I think it gives you the warm fuzzies. It’s something you can only have in the fall.”

 – Hannah Carpenter, junior nursing major







“I really love pumpkin spice lattes because they remind me of fall. I have good memories of drinking them with my friends and studying or watching Halloween movies.”

– Jordan Surralt, 

freshman psychology major



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